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How to start your best year

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Collected for you 5 important recommendations from Michael Hiatt’s bestseller “Your Best Year”. Read and take note!

Realize the Power of Your Beliefs

For us to be capable of change, we need to believe that change is possible. It seems like a banal thought, but when it comes to action, it doesn’t seem completely obvious.

Let go of limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs distort our view of the world, of other people, and of ourselves. But these beliefs are false and one-sided. To see if you have fallen into the trap of false beliefs, pay attention to these symptoms: 1) The tendency to divide everything into black and white. The reality is much more multifaceted, each event has many shades. 2) Individualization – you consider yourself the cause of everything that happens. 3) Catastrophic – you see any nuisance as the end of the world. 4) Universalization of experience – you consider private experience as evidence of a phenomenon.

Stop clinging to the past

Aside from limiting beliefs, the second most common barrier is our past. The author compares a person who is oppressed by his past to someone who carries a van filled with broken furniture. Our unfinished past becomes an obstacle to our present.

Treat regret as a signal to change.

Regret is associated with hope – those who have no hope have no regrets, the author notes. Think about what areas of your life you pay the least attention to? What if your greatest regret for the past is actually pointing you towards something that will be your greatest future victory? Nevertheless, one should distinguish regret from its useless form – self-accusation.

Use the power of gratitude

Gratitude increases our ability to be patient. We take the easy path and give up goals if we don’t get immediate rewards because we are impatient. Achieving big goals takes significant time and effort. And gratitude helps us to endure these tests.

Set the right goals and achieve results. If you want to learn more about how to start your best year, be sure to read Five Steps to Your Best Year.

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