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The latest tech trends in vaping – Are these high-tech vaporizers worth testing?

A lot has changed since the inception of vaping or “vaping”. The horror stories of batteries that exploded with a vaporizer in someone’s pocket or lying around in the sun have disappeared. The vaping industry has worked diligently on the product. It is now not only safe but also equipped with high-tech gadgets, all to make vaping as pleasant as possible.

From portable to high-tech desktop vaporizers

Vaporizers have emerged as an alternative to the cigarette. The electric cigarette would be healthier, help users of their smoking addiction and make the pungent tobacco smell disappear. Most models are therefore in the shape of a cigarette, handy to store in a trouser pocket or a handbag. But some swear by high-tech desktop vaporizers. These are not suitable for use on the go, are usually more expensive and have advanced temperature settings, large chambers and various inhalation accessories. The best e-liquid is online. 

Easy to charge

The charging systems of vaporizers have been improved to be simple and easy to charge anywhere. They charge quickly, for example in the car or at work, via a universal USB port. The bulky models have made way for slim, elegant devices. Progress has even been made within the inhale system itself. This means there is less chance of leaks, air flow loss and the models fit better around the mouth. The batteries of vaporizers are also considerably stronger. At first they were clumsy and quickly empty.

Bluetooth succeeds

It is not really in use with vapors yet, but know that many vaporizers are equipped with Bluetooth. Via Bluetooth, the vaper can closely monitor its use and vaping habits. In addition, this technology offers the possibility to lock the device. If your vaporizer is stolen, the new owner will not be able to use it. Also useful when there are children in the house. Most users find this tool useful to have an idea of ​​the amount of nicotine they are ingesting while others measure when to refill the vaporizer. electronic cigarettes are better.

Record commands

The fourth generation vapers have entered the market with new features that did not exist before. For example, the high-tech vaporizers are even equipped with speech technology. Because it takes a lot of energy from the device to respond to the commands, speech technology is only found in desktop vaporizers. These vaporizers are capable of interpreting and executing spoken commands. With these smart devices, vapers can control things like lighting, wattage and temperature with their voice.

Sub ohm fumes

Sub ohm vaping is the latest trend. Since it has been in high demand recently, manufacturers have begun to produce more sub ohm clearomizers for the masses. These spread large clouds of vapor and quickly turn the room into a bank of fog. Sub ohm vaping is actually more suitable for the experienced user.

Vaporizers are expected to evolve much more in the future. The number of users is growing and they are sensitive to new gadgets on their e-cigarette. Vaping is now accepted in most places and more popular than the cigarette, especially among non-smokers.